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Model Shop and Drug Store
(O scale full buildings)
(2 separate kits)

Here are two kits from model railroading's past. These were originally made in HO in the mid 1950's by Ayres as cardboard kits. They represent very simple stucco buildings that include signs shown. These are full buildings, not just fronts.

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Auto Dealer
(O scale 3" relief)

The town of Lockport, a far southwestern suburb of Chicago, birthed this brick beauty. It exists today as a rental place, but I'm guessing it must have originally been a car dealer or auto shop.

This kit is not just a flat, and the signs (only those shown) are easy to assemble.
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Urban Rowhouse
(O scale)

Need a "tenement" building for your city? Try this decorative front with deep detail. Heavy stonework, with deep relief trim, double doors and typical high stairway. Two or more painted differently or mixed with other similar fronts would make an attractive partial city block.

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(O scale)

-- A front that's really a back

Introducing the "Back Wall", a flat you can use to face your tracks.

Comes with details shown, just add your own greenery.

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DSL Shops products are mostly relief models, intended to be used against a backdrop. Side and back walls and rooves must be added by the modeler to make a full building.
They are made of urethane and must be painted and assembled. Previous kit building experience is recommended.
Sorry, no separate parts sales.


Some of my dealers:
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  • Rails Unlimited (IL)
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  • Scenery Unlimited
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  • Royal Train Equipment (MA)
  • The Blue Caboose (OH)
  • S Helper Service (NJ)
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  • Port Lines Hobby Supp. (MA) (S only)
  • Accurate O Scale (CA)
  • Mishawaka Rail Yard (IN)
  • Pioneer Valley Models (MA)
    413 533-5350
  • Mesa Models, Inc. (AZ)
  • EGRA Model RR (WI)
    (S only)

Some of the vehicles you see I get from Mac's Trains and Trucks - both S and O - email Mac McGrath at

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