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A note to my past customers and dealers:
I'd like to thank all my past customers and dealers for helping me make my business a success for 26 years.

The bad news: no more of the old kits, and probably no more kits at all - but I want to leave this open-ended.

The better news: I will be making some structures as one-offs to sell from this site or at shows. These could be any scale, and would be built up and painted, not kits.

Custom work policy:
I do some custom structure work - I focus on front and back walls using illustration board (see Gallery); however, I only accept projects I'm interested in. I do direct modeling of prototype structure walls ONLY IF I'M INTERESTED in the structure. Send your ideas with dimensions, sketches, photos, etc. The customer is obligated to pay based on agreement of the design sketches I provide prior to actual model work. Walls larger than 10"x14" must be made in segments.


Please email me about any broken links or missing images - thanks.




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