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Pete checks the oil on the Chicago & Northern Illinois HO layout (now gone).
I like to draw bungalows as well as build them. This is a graphite work.
A modified BJ Traction car dealer kit (O scale).
A storefront made for a client who wanted me to copy the postcard picture (O scale).

A scene from my HO layout "CB&Q Southside Division" (now gone). I painted the S2.
Custom buildings and signs for a client's O scale "EL" diorama - downtown Chicago in 1950.
One of the scratch-built flats for the "EL" diorama.
O scale factory from DPM modular walls, a Heljan stack and some scratchbuilt parts.
The firehouse front custom built and painted (O scale).
A scene from a 1x4 ft. N scale operating diorama.
A prospective buyer considers a bungalow in Berwyn (S scale).
I scratch-built these for the Reid brothers' N scale layout many years ago.
A 1:1200 scale seaport diorama built for a travel agency.
A picture of Mark Edwards' main street module in S scale (see CTT Dec. 2001)
Two O scale BJ Traction kits. The theatre was modified with a vault face, new marquee and new sign
White Tower restaurant custom built in O scale.
Cincinnati Union Terminal building custom built in O scale.

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