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Pete checks the oil on the Chicago & Northern Illinois HO layout (now gone). The"Riverside Apartments" kit - 1-1/2" O scale relief. The prototype is in Riverside IL.
I like to draw bungalows as well as build them. This is a graphite work. My tribute to Ayres and Suydam for their 1953 "2 Modern Stores" kit. Mine was in O scale, and made with urethane.
A modified BJ Traction car dealer kit (O scale). My DSL Shops auto dealer (O scale). Similar to BJT's but mine was produced years later. 3" relief, rounded roof, Oldsmobile signs. From a building found in Lockport IL.
A storefront made for a client who wanted me to copy the postcard picture (O scale). The Sears "Gladstone" house in S scale.

A scene from my HO layout "CB&Q Southside Division" (now gone). I painted the S2.
My tribute to Frank Ellison & son. O scale urethane kit. I included signs for Joe Battaglia, who lived down my street and had a produce business when I was a kid.
Custom buildings and signs for a client's O scale "EL" diorama - downtown Chicago in 1950. Industrial corridor on my past S scale layout.
One of the scratch-built flats for the "EL" diorama. S scale. "Cicero 2-Flat" kit based buildings. The fronts were the product, the side and back walls I made for my own use. The corner drug store was a full building kit.
O scale factory from DPM modular walls, a Heljan stack and some scratchbuilt parts. An abandoned weld shop diorama in HO (DPM model). Lettering was masked and sprayed. Not the loose chimney brick on the roof - chimney was 3D printed.
The firehouse front custom built and painted (O scale). A wooden O scale warehouse. Basswood with 3D printed windows. Sits on a triangular lot. Stained first with oak, then driftwood to give it a somewhat aged appearance.
A scene from a 1x4 ft. N scale operating diorama. Corner drug store in O made from card and basswood strips. Brick is colored pencil rubbed over gray paper laid on plastic brick sheet. Concrete edges are made by stripping and gluing the outer layer of mat board to the laminated part edges.
A prospective buyer considers a bungalow in Berwyn. Built from my S scale bungalow kits. Dawn at Rich's Phillips 66 station. On my HO traction microlayout. Named for my late father-in-law. Started as a small barn kit.
I scratch-built these for the Reid brothers' N scale layout many years ago. Scratch-built O scale gate tower with full interior and lighting. Basswood with 3D printed windows and details.
A 1:1200 scale seaport diorama built for a travel agency. Scratchbuilt O scale hotel. Basswood with 3D printed windows & doors.
A picture of Mark Edwards' main street module in S scale (see CTT Dec. 2001) A modified HO DPM kit with custom storefront and sign.
Two O scale BJ Traction kits. The theatre was modified with a vault face, new marquee and new sign O scale Jewel made mostly from card with basswood windows and skeleton. Signs are hand made.
White Tower restaurant custom built in O scale. A scene reminiscent of Berwyn. A pic from my former S scale layout.
Cincinnati Union Terminal building custom built in O scale. An S scale factory in urethane. Brick parts were made by Don Ledger (former owner of Timber Products).

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